Monday, September 13, 2010

Ayla Ballerina

Ayla had her first dance class last Thursday. I hate that I am just getting around to posting about it. But the back half of the week was a blur. Its been so busy. But good. She woke up from her nap excited and hope its always like that.

She loved the class. She has lots of familiar faces and buddies in there. Which made it easier for her to not be timid. We are also very thankful that Miss Brittany is her teacher. That made Mommy feel better.

The class flew by and I didn't get a whole lot of time to think about being misty eyed or snap any interesting photos because I was taking class money. She did great though. Leah thought it was the coolest! She snuck in a couple times and watched and tried to join in. It was quite cute.

They did some running and jumping on the mats. Ayla and Lanie told me they did frog jumps. Not sure if that's true. ha Id have to ask Britt. Regardless, they thought it was cool!

The class doing plie'. I got a cute video when we got home of Ayla showing me what she learned that night. Plie and first position. I love this pic bc she looks like she is doing a courtsy (sp?). She was holding her skirt out. ha
This is the best I could get of the 3 amigos! It was the end of class and too much was going on! ha I can't wait to see Luke's pics. He took some great ones that Im excited to get my hands on!


Chelsa said...

oh my goodness!! they are all so precious!!!

know of anyone who might have some old ballet shoes and or leotard they might want to let me borrow for halloween? the hamilton's are having their annual halloween party and this is the first time i'm not big and prego so i'm going to be a ballerina and make myself a tutu :) hehe!

Sonya said...

Such a beautiful little dancer:) They all look sooo sweet!

Hailey had an appt. Tues this week and we usually get the test results back the next night. Last night he called and they LOST her urine. So now we have to do that part again. But we can go close by. She has been feeling Wonderful though. The virus has not given her any trouble lately and so now we just hope her kidney's clear up. Thanks remembering Hailey:)