Monday, October 4, 2010

Season of Change

I have been in a bit of a funk lately, a rut possibly. Whatever it is or was- left me a bit discontent and more negative than Id like to live my life. Its kinda tough. On all of us.

A lot has helped. The change of season. Staying busy. Laughing at my kids. My small group.

Lately, my kids have said or did the funniest things. An example? Ayla watched me get dressed and looked a bit concerned. I asked her what was wrong. She asked me why I had "scratches" on my belly. Serious? Ugh. I explained the joys of stretch marks and she still looked concerned.... she was sad that she scratched me when she was inside my belly. Oh man.

Dance season has officially begun with my first competition (my fave one of the year) less than a month away. We are no where near ready, but I am sure by the time it gets here we will be. Crossing my fingers!! Dance is like my job and may become moreso soon. Speaking of jobs, I offcially resigned from the hospital today. I rarely worked and it had me in a tizzy. I held a PRN status (meaning as-needed) since I was pregnant with Leah. Eventually I dropped off radar and to them didn't fulfill my contract (since I never got called). I am a little sad bc I feel like its setting aside nursing once again in my life. I love being a nurse. But, being a Mommy has always came first. I know I will go back- but it seems very far off in the distance.

I have also been staying busy by consigning for the first time. It was a really neat experience and I won't hesitate to do it again. Maybe even next spring. I cleaned, sorted, added inventory, and tagged my clothes. Not very many items. My main objective was to be able to go to the pre-sale before the public. In my opinion the presale is the only way to go. Lots of great items up for grabs but after THAT many women go shopping crazy over toys, books, clothes, coats, costumes, furniture, and what-have-you... there can't be much left for the public sale.

I spent $98 and got 1 book, 1 puzzle, 2 dvds, for Leah a dress, sweater, and pr shoes, for Ayla 3 tees, 2 skirts, a bike helmet, 2 dress, 4 pr pants and maybe more. Obviously, I did ok! ha I just found out that I made 60 (after com and fees) so add that with what I made from yard sale a few weeks ago and I cover all that I bought. Yay.

My friend, Jessie, was able to come with me. We had an awesome girl night. We shopped a little and got there 10 mins before doors open and were probably 200th in line... no exaggeration! haha We both got awesome deals. She more than I, in my opinion. It was a late night. But worth it. Thanks Jess.

Another busy week ahead of us... Dance practices, Jeff's mini marathon this weekend, a conference in Indy, etc. Hope you all had a great week!


Chelsa said...

love hearing about what's going on in your life (nt that you're in a rut though).

had to laugh about miss ay thinking she scratched your belly while she was inside! too cute!

Jennifer said...

yea for stretch marks! (Not really, but I have them something terrible on my belly) Too bad I couldn't meet up with you guys on Friday...I thought about it THE WHOLE TIME I was at the football game, because seriously a HS Football game and I didn't even have a player to root for. But I did my campaign managerial duties for the night and proudly sported by Clowers t-shirt. Hope to get together sooN! (...and I think that funk is normal. Every Mom I know goes through it every once in awhile!)

Tera said...

The consignment sale sounds like so much fun! And it does sound like you got some awesome deals!

Jessie said...

No prob!:) I had a lot of fun shopping with you. We need to do it again next year. P.S. Black Friday is just around the corner :) Where shall we go?!!