Sunday, October 17, 2010

Playday with friends

We had a playday with some friends it was awesome for a couple reasons...

Their mommy is busy at school teaching wee ones so we don't get to see them often. Ayla enjoyed feeding Miss Kate a bottle. She did this without prompting. I thought it was so sweet and shows how great of a sister she is! One night she asked if we could pray for a baby brother. Oh man. Not sure that we are ready to go down that road, but we prayed for it anyway.

We also played outside for a little bit. It has been such great weather. We scribbled with chaulk and swang a little.

Did I mention Leah turned 18 months on Friday? Here she is swinging without shoes.... I'll be posting on her big milestones soon.
It was a great playday. With great friends...
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Chelsa said...

Kate is getting so big!
Ay is such a good sister! And wanting a brother, how sweet is that?!

I can't believe Miss Leah is 18 mo.... wowzers!