Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So, I, the self proclaimed one to never join Facebook.... joined Facebook. Ha. I am starting up some youth hip-hop classes at the studio in town and needed a fast way to get the word out. Thus, FB. I gotta be honest. I don't get it quite yet. I am a computer geek, but dont understand the hype and workings and why some change their status very few hours. (sorry if you are one of "those" ha)

But I have exchanged messages with some friends from college I hadn't spoke with in a while. And hopefully it will get me some good advertisment for my class. And speaking of my class..

Youth hip hop classes at Step-n-Style starting November 10th. I will be teaching 5 wk sessions with breaks between sessions. I'll offer a 7-11 yr old class 630-715pm and 12 & up class 715-8pm every Wednesday. Each session will feature a new, fun routine for dancers. Dancers will also learn basic moves, combonations and a few tricks. Session fee $45

Spread the word. Its gonna be alot of fun!

Dance season is already in full swing me though. We have our first competition the end of this month. Phew. Hopefully, we'll be ready. I mean.. we're totally gonna be ready! ha This is my fave competition of the year bc its a sound & light show. Girls compete on a stage instead of gym floor. Spectators get in free so if anyone wants to come support, you are welcome!

Im also planning my first trip to Vegas with my mom for her birthday. We are going with a few of her friends for a long weekend. I think it will be neat to see shows and eat and relax, but leaving my girls puts knots in my stomach. We are trying out a new sitter. I think once the girls spend some more time with her I will feel better. She is going to help me out when I pick up the studio classes plus some Mommy time.


Tera said...

I still haven't made the leap into FB world...although I do have an acct from planning a trip with a group of friends a few years ago but I don't use it.
Good luck with the classes! You'll love Vegas. :) We've been LOTS of times. It is a little hard leaving the little ones but its good for both mommy and the kids I think.

Chelsa said...

lol, i about died when you requested to be my friend on FB! i was like whhhatttt?!?! haha!! i think i could fit into your hip hop 12 year old class? everyoen always thinks i'm 12 anyway! :)

Amy said...

what to sign up. what number do we call about the dance.

Amy said...

You can email me about the dance class at the_grabers@yahoo.com