Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Painting

Today we had our friend Meredith over to paint some pumpkins. It was a gloomy, rainy day and we needed an outlet. I think the girl's all enjoyed it and it gave us Mommy's a chance to talk too!

I was looking at the creations sitting on my table after completion. Sorry no pic. But I noticed how the girls painted really fit their personalities. Ayla's paint all stayed in its spots, not mixed or touching. She painted the whole pumpkin. Ayla likes order and is very cautious on how she does things.

Mere's palette of paint was smooshed and mixed. She painted her hands, the placemat, and my table once she was bored of her pumpkin. But, was very into the colors and wanted more. Meredith is very fun and creative. And is busy!

Leah kept her paint palette unmixed but painted not only her pumpkin but her face. She wasn't concerned to finish her project but loved doing what the big girl's did! Leah is busy just like Mere, but thrives on order like her sis. She is messy and silly just like her creation.

I love all 3 of these girls and their fun personalities!
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Chelsa said...

Leah looks just like in that picture I think!

Brycen looked at your header and said, "hey that girl goes to my school" (pointing at Ay)... she must have a twin!

Sonya said...

We should have just painted our also. They think we have to carve them and then daddy has to do most of that:)