Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Catch Up

Today is catch up day.
I'll get around to milestones some other time.
Today let's talk about some of the things that have taken up our time...

My nephew Parker turned 4!
We had a great party at the park. Girls loved the cake and playing.
Isn't he cute?

Leah tried to get a little too close to Miss Maren, her 2nd cousin.

Ayla sliding and enjoying a sucker, probably not a great idea now that I look at the picture. Choking hazard, check.

Ayla started up her library classes again this year. She has asked me about them all summer. Very excited! They read, do craft, and sing. Leah even participated a little. Just this time last year I carried her in her pumpkin seat. Probably easier! ha

Dance classes are going well for Ayla. She really enjoys them. This is her doing her favorite "Im a little Teapot" dance. Hopefully, she'll continue to love dance through her years like her mama. Ps. a certain little girl will be 3 1/2 soon. Crazy.

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Chelsa said...

love the update :)