Monday, October 11, 2010

Mini, Mile 7, & Finish Line

Jeff has been training for a mini marathon.
At times it seemed like it woud never get here.
But it did...

We were all there.



Who were both on their best behavior since we woke up before the crack of dawn.
We stopped at Mile Marker 7
Thankfully, Papaw came to join the fun.

Check out that finishing time.
My hubs is a stud.

He placed 127th place out of over 2600 people!!!

Daddy and his girls post race.
Waiting for Mimi to finish....

It was a beautiful day.
We hung out & waited for Mimi to finish, ate apples, and came home for a long nap. I was so proud of my mom & Jeff.


Sonya said...

That is wonderful Courtney! You should be proud of them both:) Such cute girlies watching!

Chelsa said...

your girls looked precious!
way to go jeff (and your momma too)!

Beth said...

Congrats Jeff! His time was amazing! And his wife is amazing for holding down the fort while he trained. I hope you guys get to relax now. (I wish I had seen you Sunday.)

Brookeanne said...

LOL... I adore you! I was looking through a few from yesterday and kept pondering whether I should even have them up... SO overexposed, etc. But I had to keep reminding myself that it's the memories, not the photos that matter. The big reason I worry about it, is that I do have people from the photography business who check out my blog and I worry that they're going to think the pics are reflective of what I'm capable of. You're right... I am crazy ;)!!! Thanks for you support though! :)
P.S. The girls look too, too cute in their matching hoodies!!!

Jennifer said...

Jeff is a total stud! Great time!