Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween 2010

Today we hosted our playgroup Halloween party.
It was loud. It was fun.
It was loud & fun.

Before all the kiddos arrived I snapped a few pics of the girls in their gear. This
Halloween like most weeks lately are Full! So I am not even sure of the girl's Halloween shedules-
and/or if we'll get to actually trick or treat.

The girls were fairly cooperative.

She's the cat's meow...

All Ayla talked about was being a black kitty for Halloween.
We found this sweet cat-erina (cat/ballerina) and couldn't pass it up.

A couple of my favorite people.

Isn't she doggon' cute?

I think so. I thought they would be the same thing for Halloween, but when I mentioned Leah being a kitty too.
She wasn't thrilled about the idea. Hmm. Dog it is!
Can't wait to see what you're kiddos (or you) are dressing up as!
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Leah Robinson said...

your pics aren't showing up doll :)

Sonya said...

Very Cute!! Love the costumes:)

Chelsa said...

cute lil' animals you have there :)

Leah Robinson said...

YAY, I can see them now =) So sweet!

Lindsay Lynch said...

It was def loud and fun. Your girls were adorable in their costumes!! We had a good time. Thanks!

Tera said...

Fun!! Just got caught up on your posts. I liked to see the different personalities in my girls too when they were painting their pumpkins. Hopefully you can fit in some trick-or-treating!!

Brookeanne said...

They're too adorable! Loving the animal theme :)

Bethany said...

I know, I know - I can't remember the last time we were able to come to playgroup. We do miss it and I think Camden is at the age that he would really enjoy it. Just maybe in a few weeks I'll take a Wednesday off and come and enjoy playgroup again.

My secret to the posts - write several posts in one evening and set them up to post on different days. Trust me, I don't have time each day to devote to blogging but I sure wish I did :-)