Monday, October 25, 2010


I have been one busy lady. With dance, advertising & signing up for my hip hop class (still openings!), family, etc... I feel super worn out. At times I feel like I have accomplished alot and hopefully not for nothing.

I look forward to being back on a schedule with dance so that I can eat dinners with my family and empty my camera card before I forgot we even did 'this or that'. The girls are going through a lot of fun stages & changes. Leah seems more mature, especially with her verbal abilities. Her temper is easier to handle and she loves to learn! Ayla is gaining knowledge that I pushed on her so much a while back- I didn't even know she was paying attention. She'll count things and notice alot more about our surroundings. So very curious!

Leah turned 18mo over a week ago and I need to get that post up soon. Maybe tonight.... after 2 dance practices and a hot shower we'll see? :)

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Jessie said...

You sound like me! I rarely get my camera card emptied before it's full and I haven't uploaded a single one :( I think that's how a lot of busy mommies are. Oh well..PS I posted lots of pics of our kiddos playing together!