Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Another year gone...

We get to spend time every year with my in-laws at French Lick.
We always look forward to squishing together and having a great time!

The kids spent the first night together heading over to the playground by the villas and buring off energy.

This was an "off" year for us. We didn't get the same week as usual to share with his parents so our trip was split and went way too quick. The weather was awful most of the time, which meant no trip to the gardens.
That is usually my fave part.

Meaning I also had to skip a year of our family pic there. Bummer.

It amazes me how big the cousins are getting. They are growing up so fast!
Soon they won't want to play instead be texting and want to go to the casino.

Time flies by.
But we always enjoy our time together.

After a full day of playing and swimming a tthe pool we planned a trip to Holiday World!
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Chelsa said...

too funny about them wanting to text and go to the casino soon!
unfortunately, you're probably right- that time will be here before we know it!

Beth said...

hey girl! i love your new background. i wish i could find curtains like that. i actually bought some on ebay that were green with the same pattern and they looked AWFUL... but anyway back to the post. i am glad you guys got to spend some family time together. girls are gorgeous as ever :-)