Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gus is Growing

Our little man is getting so big! I took him in for shots just 3 wks after we had brought him home. In that time Gus had grown from 9lbs to 17lbs! We really love him and we are so happy to have him in our home. Though there are days that I am not a "fan" of having a dog... there are plenty of days that I love him very much :)

Gus will be going to puppy obeidience classes soon.
My goal is to get him to understand not to jump and not be so excitable around other pups.

In other news, we spent alot of time decorating and preparing for our annual 4th of July party.
It was really hard bc we spent the few days before at French Lick with Jeff's parents. It was a mad rush to get ready, but so worth it!

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Chelsa said...

he's soooo cute!
glad you had a good wk/end!