Friday, July 29, 2011

Early Pregnancy

Yes, I am already having cravings. Those of you from our area know exactly what these are.
They are heaven.... I mean, pepperoni sticks from Bobes.

Quite possibly these are my weakness!

Now, don't get me wrong I have the usual cravings I have had with both girls carbs, lots and lots of apples, etc.
Right now I am pretty much sick to my stomach 24/7. Never actually getting sick, just feeling sick.
Which leaves me to drinking alot of water and eating something almost hourly. My womanly figure is beginning to become a little tooo womanly too quick. hehe

I am usually at my Zumba class 1-2x a week. Love it. Plus my studio time. After I went back to Z with my miscarriage a woman asked me... "so do you think you pushed yourself too hard" (the class is very tough) Ugh. My response was a very polite, "no". As I didn't need to feel like I did something wrong to cause loosing the baby. Regardless, after finding out I was pregnant again I felt the need to not go to class for a month. Now studio class is back in session and I went back to Z. Not pushing it but it feels good to be moving my body again.

At 8.5 weeks now my belly lump is so much more apparent than any other pregnancy!
Its such a cool, short time in a woman's life I am trying to not feel fat but blessed :)

PS. Those of you who are curious-- Yes, I ate them all by myself proudly hehe
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Tera said...

Oh Yum!!! Yes, soak up the 9 months because it goes so quickly and it's such a BLESSING!!
(And boo to the lady who made you feel bad at Zumba!)

Shannon said...

Bitter sweet with an I am sorry for your loss and congratulations! REcognize that photo too, that's what graces my plate when I'm in town too! Or their chicken caesar salad, all for the croutons... pretty good!

Chelsa said...

That lady needs to have her toes stepped on with a high heel. Okay, not sure where that came from, but I just read Beth's recent post and then this and I'm just appalled at people and their questions!

ENjoy your pepperoni sticks and all the carbs you can :)

Jen said...

YUM! ...and whatever, you are the cutest thing ever!