Monday, August 1, 2011

The girls really look forward to gymnastics days, especially Ayla.
Even though its sometimes hard to get them there and coordinate it all since their classes are back to back, I feel like its worth it.
Some things are finally starting to click to Leah.

Leah is finally doing a front roll on her own. Something that her more "clumsy" sis accomplished at 18mo... Leah is now independently doing it at 27mo. She doesn't like the bars alot, but is doing well with everything else.

Ayla loves all her new activities and has got to ring the bell (you do this when you accomplish a new task) several times in the last few weeks. We are really proud of her. She is a funny thing to watch. Just kinda akward in some movements, but I can see her growing into her body daily :) Ayla does really well on the bars, and is still a little hesitant on the beam at times. But so much better than last year.

The girls are growing up so fast!

We love them both to pieces :)

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Chelsa said...

they are both adorable! glad they are enjoying gym.!

Amy said...

I recognize that leo!! Now I know who to call when my little ones outgrow theirs ;)
Love that they are starting gymnastics. It is very hard to juggle it all.....but that's what we do ;)

Tera said...

Cute pictures! Maybe soon they can be in class together? I'm so thankful my girls are in gym together...which pushes Brynna even more but she sticks right up there with the big girls! Having to sit at dance for 2 hours last year just about did me in! ;) Now we need to see some pictures of your girls in action at class!

Ashley said...

Yay for your girls accomplishments!!! Sounds like they are learning so much this year. I think it is great getting kids involved in activities and esp. when they love doing them:) I bet they are too cute to watch!!