Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ready for Fall

I think most would agree that its been the hottest summer in a long, long time. The girls LOVE picnics and we haven't been able to enjoy since beginning of summer! The slight change of weather has lifted my moods and allowed us to spend more time outside.

My silly girls Loved it. And I can tell that we're gonna love when Fall decides to stick around for awhile. I am hoping for a long fall, but I guess I will take what I can get :) Don't you like their fresh hair cuts?! Ayla really needed it. Hers was down her back and now on her shoulders.

Our furbaby Gus is also a fan of the cool-ish weather. And prob a fan of the girls eating so low to the ground ha

He is getting so big! And is very hard to get a good pic of. He is So handsome and tall! I'll keep trying.

Today is kinda gloomy, but my girls are still sleeping (its 8:41) and so I get to catch up on here and think about all the fun we'll have outside. The girls seem happier when not couped up with their mama all day! Even though its gloomy it feels delish! I think we'll go ride bikes after breakfast

Hope you guys have a lovely day!

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Chelsa said...

the cool weather this morning is amazing!!

Beth said...

your girls look like they are enjoying the weather! i love picnics too, and we have eaten at our picnic table a whopping one time since may. pete took a picture of himself in our hammock this morning with text that said "this weather is awesome." all while i was stuck inside at a boring work thing. anyway, i hope it stays cool and that you can enjoy it!
p.s i am so mad because i just came home from wal and i didn't even look for that pretzel kit.

Leah Robinson said...

So stinkin cute!!!