Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Room

Well, its not ready yet (unfortunately)!
But, we did get a good start on it thanks to my helpers... Jeff and Ayla :)

Jeff and Ayla finished painting Leah's new room last weekend. Ayla was so excited to help!
Jeff let her roll some paint on the walls and you'd think she was given an award ha

I thought her furniture would ship this week, but found it won't ship for another week or two! Ugh. Meaning her room won't be ready until September. Not that we are in a rush- just don't like projects sitting around. Leah was so excited don't want her to lose that.

Jeff took down the light to hang the new ceiling fan so the color of the wall is not true in the pics. It reminds me of a clean shade of robin's egg blue. Her new bed & dresser is white and will look so beautiful against it! One step at a time!

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Jen said...

love that blue!

Erica said...

Love it! I love your decorating style. I would love to see your house sometime :) Maybe I could have you be my interior decorator!