Sunday, August 28, 2011

Park with friends and new flops

I am trying to get caught up on some life happenings :)
It seems like so much is going on I haven't been so hot at keeping myself up to date on here or getting my camera out at all.
Truth be told, I am still doing the Life 365. Me and Tasha may be the only ones sticking with it. Its tough some days.
Its easier upload quickly to FB bc I don't have to worry about documenting. So they usually go on there first.
I don't just want a mess of pictures on our blog, though most ppl prob browse and move on!

We've spent much more time outside and that is making the girls, myself, and Gus very happy lately. We even made it out to the park to play with friends a couple times this week. The mornings have been so lovely... if only i can get out of my sweatpants before 11!

Leah had a nice conversation with the gorilla while we were there! It was hilarious. This monkey I believe has been around even when I was a kid- correct me if I am wrong. She kissed his forehead (ew) and got a piggy back ride too. Geez...

Just a little side-note... my dancers are selling custom made flip flops. They are so cute. We had a bunch made up already! They come in xs-xl which covers most bases (from size women/men 4-?). Before you ask we did not get Vikings or PC made up... no need. hehe We also slides (like sandals the vecro across). Let me know if anyone is interested and I can get you more info!

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The Sweet Family said...

Cute flops...and that gorilla has defiantly been there as long as I can remember!

Abby said...

ugh/ no vikings..:(

Chelsa said...

what a dig (no pc) lol :)