Friday, August 5, 2011

Just laying around

Early pregnancy nausea has sent this mama indoors most days. The heat really bothers me. And as we ALL know its been amazingly HOT outside. Honestly, the girls really haven't complained much bc I think we're all sick of it. You can only go to the pool so many times, too.

Gus and Leah are chums. Leah truely is his littermate. They wrestle and she headlocks him. Jeff hates it, but Gus just hangs.
He really is a good dog.

Ayla has really been into trying on my clothes, shoes, scarves, whatever. She is so cute. But the booger is causing my closet to be a mess. And since I am pretty much a lump 50% of the day it has stayed that way.

One last snap of Leah in her crib. She is not out of it quite yet, but its nice to savour these moments. Her furniture should be here in a week or so, which means we better get a painting!!! She covers her eyes like this when we come in her room. I guess so we can't see her, then happily says "peek a boo" or "helllllloo" :)

Lastly, cooking.... oh how I miss you. Its always like this in the beginning of my pregnancies. The lack of desire to cook. Which is conflicting. Because I obviously Love to cook. Good thing Leah loves cereal for breakfast. Ps. she got this habit from her father.
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Tera said...

Cute update! Hope you are feeling better soon!!

Tasha said...

Aw. I hope you start feeling more like yourself again soon. Yuck. I remember those days. But I am so happy you have a little miracle inside of you! :) Hopefully there are cooler days around the corner!