Monday, August 29, 2011

Good Finds

So I have officially been consigning 2x a year for just over a year now. So I am totally new to this, but I am in love. I am in love with the feeling I get when I know I get good deals on things for my family. So the secret my friend is ALWAYS shopping before the public. And I am serious because even though there is an immense amount of items at these sales you obviously want to get quality for you money too!

Or at least I do. :)

I make a point to only get 1 "toy" item at a sale bc my kids have SO much already! This was my potato head family set air drying after I cleaned them in bleach for the kiddos. These 3 taters came in a drum full of at least 50 accessories for the girls to play with.
They LOVE it! $5

Books are great finds at consignment sales, too. Hardcover books are usually the way I go. I think I got 6 books for $1-2 each except the purple one. That is an old school Mother Goose book that I remember having as a kid! $4 and worth it for me. Also 1 dvd for $1

The fall/winter sale is good for costume findage. My friend Jessie went last year and got her cutie a dress that ended up repurposing for her cat costume. This mermaid get up was $5! Its details are gorgeous, I don't know if Ayla will wear it this year or next (or ever) but it was a great find even for dress up.

Obviously, my main reason I shop early is to find playclothes for the kiddos. I am pretty picky (most of the time) what my kiddos wear. I went crazy one year when I discovered yard sales and stored clothes that we never ended up wearing! Silly me. This way I shop just for that season or a year ahead if its a great find. Lots of things I get still have tags on them. This sale last week I ended up finding lots of great condition clothes and some NWT and winter coats NWT.

In all, it feels good knowing that I can shop til I drop and not break my family's budget. Don't get me wrong I spend plenty in stores too, but this really helps fill out their wardrobe! I kinda have a shopping habit!

In all I spent $273 on.... Potatoe Family set, 6 books, 1 dvd, 1 diaper bag, 1 baby bath tub, 1 costume, 1 newest model Medela breast pump (retails 228), 2 new coats, plus 2 tees, 6 pr of pjs, 1 skirt, 1 cardigan, 4 pr of tights, and 9 dresses. All clothes were Janie & Jake, Hannah Anderson, Gap, and Gymboree. I was a happy mom!

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Chelsa said...

awesome deals!

HeatherH said...

Super jealous! I would have been excited just to get the coats. I hate spending all that money for winter coats!

The Sweet Family said...

Love a good deal!! My little one will spend hours playing with Mr. Potato heads :)

Erica said...

You are like the ultimate shopper!! I am def impressed with you finding deals. I can never find stuff at consignment shops.

Tera said...

Oh man! What a deal! Congrats on the fun finds. It's more fun to watch them wear it too when you know it didn't cost a fortune!!