Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Heat is making us a little crazy...

The heat has made us a little crazy lately.
We've spent alot of time indoors because its hard to breathe as soon as we open the door!
I have found our barbie's in new action poses. Like Barbie Man above working out his abs.

The girls really love doing crafts and drawing. I let Leah use markers for the first time this week. For the most part the markers stayed on the paper. ha Leah likes to draw circles and practice her colors. She isn't recognizing her colors as well as I remember Ayla doing. She only knows a couple. Pink and Brown, I believe. She draws lots of circles, but tells a HUGE story that coincides with her picture.

Ayla is becoming quite the artist lately also. She really like to draw people. See below: Jeff & my portraits. ha
My fave is Jeff's hair! She said, he needs alot of hair. ha It also looks as if he is wearing glasses, but I think it's his arms. I am looking forward to have a body in her drawings. But, right now we are the cutest big headed, no bodied parents EVER. :)

Is it bad that I am looking forward to a gloomy, rainy day soon?
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Tera said...

Cute drawings! In the picture with Ridge, it looks like Leah is about to outgrow Ayla??

Ashley said...

Ayla did pretty good....I always love when kids draw me pictures!

Chelsa said...

love ay's pictures!

i love that they call ken "barbie man"- too cute!