Saturday, July 9, 2011

Life 365: Aftermath

This summer has by far the fastest of my life... At least that I can remember!
With all the running here and weekends there, my brain feels a little frazzled.
I do feel like we've lived it to the fullest, however!

I called this week the 'aftermath'.
It was the first full week at home, after all the busyness that has taken place, that we had NO plans.
Except for the insane amount of laundry that needed washed, folded and put away.
Not to mention the pile of dishes from our 4th of July party!

I had no motivation to do such things!
So what if my play room was messy? Or we stayed in pjs most of the day?

So this week, we played outside... walked in the yard with Gus.....

braided our hair when we decided to get out of pjs....

and swam with friends....

It was a good week, but I gotta buckle down. Dance camp is coming up soon and that means this mama is away from her hubs and kiddos for 4 days :( I have to clean the house, pack my bag, pack dance stuff, make freezer meals, lay out the girl's clothes, and so much more before I leave! Oh man!

At least I got one week of laziness in!
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