Monday, July 18, 2011

A week away...

My week away, was not relaxing..

or glamorous.... or anything of the sort.

I have been coaching for over 6 years now. Its crazy to think of all the camps, clinics, fundraisors, competitions, etc I have been apart of.
I still very much love it, but most of the time its very stressful. Especially, if it involves leaving my children.

This was one of the best camps I have attended. Great teams, coaches, and staff. However, the food was Awful and not seeing my kids and husband for an extended amount of time wore me OUT!

But I can't say enough about the dancers we have this year. Such sweet, funny kids! We did really well in competition and they were all troopers through the whole week! We had parents come up almost every night to do something special for the girls.

Like foot spas for tired feet!

I felt like I had it all "handled" I cooked dinners to freeze, laid out clothes, cleaned the house, and set up sitters. My hopes were for Jeff to have a laid back fun 4 days. NOPE. Ayla got sick (just a fever--but still) which through off our sitters and he ended up staying home with them most of one day and sleeping with her through the night. :( He is such a great dad! I can not thank him enough.

All in all I was proud of my dancers for all their hard work. Feel blessed to have such a wonderful, hands on husband. And SO glad to be home. Getting back to normal life of cooking and cleaning has been hard!
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Beth said...

What lucky girls to get to have you for a coach! In the moment, I am always stressed about stuff I sponsor, but then when I look back at the pictures or think about it, only the happy memories remain. And ALL those girls are going to have happy camp memories forever, thanks to you!

Leah Robinson said...

what a good hubs! and you're a great momma!

Chelsa said...

what a great hubby!

you are absolutely gorgeous- love hte picture of you in yellow! you look SO happy :)