Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fighting my Emotions

I wish I was as strong as a super hero... but I am not. Who am I kidding? I wish I was as strong as I "pretend" to be. Though most who know the real me know I am a true softy. emotional. a crier. worry wart. imperfect.

If you look closely my oldest is growing up at lightening fast speed! In fact, preschool starts tomorrow.
I know she is super tough, super smart, and definitely ready. But, I am kinda sad. I am not emotional she is going to school. Its really hard to explain. I am just emotional about her growing up, I guess? See its a new feeling to me.

Jeff and I made a decision before we were even married that I would be a stay at home mom. period. It was just the right decision for us and its not always easy. Time has been flying by. I have been able to see every development, celebrate all the milestones, not get sleep or breaks, teach real life lessons, and snuggle on my kiddos every day.

I can't stop them from growing up. I am not sure I want them to. Each day is different, and each age is fun. I just feel myself fighting my emotions with not being there for every moment with my oldest.

On to a new chapter....

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Tera said...

I understand. I felt the same way when Braylee started pre-school...but really felt it when she went to K. It's definitely different with #2. September is always a super fun but hard month for me as I realize another year has past! I love each stage too but it's hard not to want to pause time every once in awhile and savor these little ones!!

Erica said...

I love how your girls play and get along so well! Hugs to you on your little ones growing up. Just keep having babies and you can always have one at home ;)

Chelsa said...

Time just goes sooo fast! Way too fast.