Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Give Back

We started Ay's give jar a couple weeks ago.

Its going wonderful.

She can earn 2 coins a day by completing chores (making bed, feeding pets), being helpful, and no time-outs. She gets to choose what to do with the coins... give both, save both, or split them- 1 in piggy bank,1 in give jar. Some days she earns more. And she always chooses to put at least part in her jar.

I feel like we are teaching her so many lessons in one jar.

Sharing, Saving, Self Control, Decision making, Earning & Losing a reward.

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PS. a joint effort of my littest one and myself one morning led to dropping my laptop on its belly. and its gone. please pray for the contents of 2 yrs of our photos on there... posts will come when its working....


Beth said...

We paid $30 to get the contents of a dead laptop back - mostly baby pics. It was worth it! We took it to RTC in Montgomery. Good luck!

Tera said...

Pictures are worth their weight in gold! I hope you are able to recover those precious memories!

Chelsa said...

Yikes! Hope you get them back!

Ashley said...

:( Hope you can get those pictures back! And still lovin the jar idea:) You always come up with good ways of teaching your kiddos!