Friday, September 9, 2011

The In Between

The days in between first day of school were eventful. Prep, snuggles, etc.
We decided to start a tradition of family night before school starts. We had a back to school dinner. Ayla picked baked spag! Yum! We ate slow (key word: slow), cleaned up, played playdough etc. It was much needed!

The girls got a bath and curlers in for the big day! They are really into sleeping in curlers right now. They never complain about it. I remember being a kid and totally disliking it ha.

Then Wed came....too quick.
Here she is my preschooler. She is actually on her second day as I type!

Like I said before Daddy stayed for the event and it was really nice having him here :) Ayla loved her first day and gave us details in increments. I think she's gonna have a great year.

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Chelsa said...

fun tradition you started :)

The Sweet Family said...

I also hated those curlers and I could NEVER get my little to wear them. They both look super cute!

Ashley said...

What a great tradition you are starting! I love traditions:)