Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Technical Difficulties


It stinks to not have my computer at moment's whim. I will be the first to admit that it was probably a God-thing, as I found myself researching for dance, purusing FB, or reading emails when I could have been snuggling, reading, or playing with my babes.

I can at times use my old laptop that is ancient and some keys stick (sorry for gram. errors). While my laptop has been on "rehab" software trying to save my harddrive-- or at least the important stuff-- for well over 14000 hrs. Im serious.

Do you ever feel like when you are studying more or really into God's word that you feel the most tempted or troubled. Geez. I say this every time I get into a new book or bible study! I started a wonderful Beth Moore study at the beginning of this month. It is wonderful and can definitely changes. BUT my kids want to be the death of me, my cell phone works 50% of the time, my computer crashed with 2 yrs of precious memories not backed up and all my dance stuff, along with pregnancy ups and downs....

I am feeling kinda beat up.

But, I know who will win overall :)

I will definitely have alot to catch up on. Life is moving as normal. The girls are busy as ever. Dance season is starting. Fall is definitely here! And I am 17 wks pregnant today :)

I will do a baby post soon. I don't really want to dl any pics on this un reliable computer, so no belly pics, but I am def getting bigger!


Beth said...

Bummer about your computer. At least you do have the blog to keep some pics safe from disaster, but I am still pulling for a recovery of your other stuff. Maybe Santa will bring you a new one? (I can't remember if you were one who does Santa or not, no offense if you aren't, haha.) I am having withdrawals from your project 365 cutie-pie pics though.
I would love to hear all about this pregnancy too. Aren't you close to finding out the gender!? I hope you are feeling well!
(P.S Thanks for the comments about my sis! She is being discharged today. She has a long recovery, but we are all very lucky. xoxo)

Chelsa said...

can't wait to hear that baby update :)