Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wrapping up

We're wrapping up the summer with alot of playing outside and fun together.

The girls love being in the driveway. Ayla loves riding her bike and I'd love to get Leah to work on peddling, but she really doesn't show much interest in it. Pretty sure she's too busy!

But if you check out those babies in the back. They have been with her everywhere. Maybe she's practicing to be a big sister?
Here's my big kid-- who loves her helmet! ha

She is being very safe during her construction project ha

And Gus is loving his invisible fence... now he runs free like a crazy dog! ha But, this prego likes not having to walk the dog 10x a day!

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Chelsa said...

three cute kids (ayla, leah, and gus) :) lol! glad ya'll are enjoying the last days of summer fun!