Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wonder Lab on Labor Day

After having some awesome fall weather my family is kinda sick of the heat SOO when Labor Day weekend was 100 degree weather we were less than thrilled. ha I grew up with a pool and always swam and spent that last weekend in the sun. But, we were ready to move on.

I have heard some really good things about the Wonder Lab in Bloomington. We decided to venture over for the afternoon and I am so glad we did :) The whole weekend ended up being just what we needed.

Mold of Ay's lil body haha Cracks me up!

Leah loved making music. I feel like she is bound to do something with music when she is older. She loves to dance and sing! We are hoping to find an old piano for the house sometime soon.

The bubble room was awesome!

All in all it was a great day! So much better than getting a sunburn.
PS. Leah is going through a scardy cat phase. And she would not come anywhere near this dino statue!

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Chelsa said...


Beth said...

we still haven't been there. we've tried to go twice. once it was closed and once theo was a brat and a half due to not napping on the way there and we decided to scrap it. hopefully third time's the charm.
your girls are sooo cute and fashionable. i am pretty sure i always say that. i keep picturing that new baby is a girl just because i need to see all the outfits one more time, haha.
take care and have a great week. xoxo

The WonderLab Museum/Bloomington said...

We're so glad you and your family enjoyed WonderLab! We look forward to your next visit. WonderLab reopens after annual "Spiff Up Days" this Thursday.

By the way, you are welcome to post some of those great photos on the official WonderLab Facebook fan page!