Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hey Baby

Im 17 wk 1 day pregnant.

N/V gone, but my desire for cooking is still non existant. Which is proving to be costly.

Cravings are cereal, Bobe's pep sticks, pasta, and chips & salsa. This is completely different than with my girls. Which all I wanted was apples.

8 pounds gained- which is clearly explained by my cravings. I keep trying to figure out where I was at this point with girls.

We had an apt Monday, its amazing what hearing that little heartbeat will do for me.

Md playfully asked, "so I bet you wanna peek?" and we declined. I am currently riding this wave of possibly not finding out the gender. Not sure whats wrong with me? So, out of my norm.

I wish I could insert belly photo here... but 1. comp still dead and 2. I haven't taken one.


Chelsa said...

check your temp- something must be wrong with you if you don't want to know the gender ;) j/k j/k! but i know you're a planner! i'm completely surprised by you saying you don't want to know!

Shannon said...

You have to find out because you chewed me out for not telling what this baby is right away. .Lol. You HAVE to find out. I told now you have to tell. :-)
And dont worry about the weight gain, it does NOT look like that much on you girl, you looked great sunday!

Shannon said...

sweet post, courtney i cannot imagine waiting! i've heard people who do say it is the best surprise ever

Caroline and Kyle said...

So fun!!! Maybe it's a boy ?!?!?! :)

Tera said...

Those sound like my kind of cravings!! :) Glad you are feeling a little better and I understand about will be fun either way.