Friday, July 17, 2009

Funny Friday

Ayla was having a rough naptime the other day. She typically naps about 2 hrs each day. Sometimes longer, if Im lucky. ha. Sorry. Anyways, we have times where she lays in bed and plays and after a while I go in and remind her to nap. Usually this works. Well, after 30 mins or so I went in and reminded her....

Me: "Ayla Joy, its naptime. Please go to sleep." *kiss

Shortly after I left the room, crying insued....

Me: "Ayla Joy, its naptime. Why aren't you sleeping? (sharper tone)"

Ayla: "I pay to Gob" "I pay to Goooobbbb"

Me: "Ok, let's pray, then you go to sleep, right?"

Ayla: "Ok, Mommy"

We prayed and I left the room. Ayla continued to not nap, but it was ok.

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