Thursday, July 2, 2009

Waterpark & Bowling

So... I rolled into Washington just in time to lay my eldest in her bed for a nap and my youngest on the floor for some play time. Since then I have sorted mail, unpacked the car, and caught up on Jon & Kate- the teardown. (So ridiculous.)

Just rocked Leah asleep and thought I would download some pics for your enjoyment. I have SO many. I don't like slideshows. So I will just highlight a few of my faves throughout our days.

Anyone who knows my Ay, knows she is very cautious. But she broke out of her shell and had a blast at the water park. We went twice. Once with family and once with all her playgroup friends.

Ridge and Ayla

Mamaw & Papaw Owens
on the lazy river-but it was not so lazy. You get WET!

My lazy baby. She did lots of this. And we wer ok with that :)

Ay's first time bowling. She loved it (at first).

2 year old attention span = 2 frames of bowling

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Brittany said...

I don't even know what "frames" mean for bowling! hah! It didn't sound like much though :)