Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is my daddy's birthday. I have Always been and Always will be a daddy's girl. :) He has forever been a strong influence on the person I am today. He taught me how to fish, how to pray, how to protect myself, how to love, how to cook, how to be generous, how I wanted my future husband should be, how to laugh, how to enjoy life....

...he is a fantastic father & papaw to my girls. Ayla is somewhat unphased by him. haha Its kinda funny. She will talk all day about her papaw and going to see him at work, etc. But then when we visit him she suddenly becomes very shy? It kills him! Thankfully, Leah digs her papaws funny faces and snuggles.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

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Tera said...

Aww...I'm a Daddy's Girl too! :) And my sisters know it. If they really want something from Dad, they make me ask him! ;)