Monday, July 27, 2009

I love my family!

We had an amazing time this weekend. However, it was equally exhausting as amazing. My family is always good for some drama and lots of laughs. And it was short of neither. I love my family!

I took a huge amount of pictures. Some, of which, I am Very proud. My girls were very good and my husband was the hottest there. Really. :) I sent flower girls and bell boys down the aisle, put rollers in Ayla's hair, danced with my family, ate too much and wanted, I took pictures, served cake, I pooped out early- so tired, and I still want more cake.

Glad the start of the week is here. It will be a busy one for sure. I am working, have dance practice, finishing up Ay's special project, playgroup, and Im sure more... summer is coming to an end. Im not sure how I feel about that?

My family

Mommy & Leah

My wonderful parents

Ayla cuttin a rug... she does a mean chicken wing move ha!

Past bedtime


Jessie said...

Looks like you had a great time. LOVE the family pic!

More Every Day said...

Oh my...I didn't know that Casey got married?? Wow! I miss out on so much I feel like. Well....good for her! Great pictures of you and your crew!

Chelsa said...

glad you had so much fun! seriously, you're so gorgeous it makes me want to throw up!!!!! love all the pictures!!

Lauren said...

love that headband C.

Tera said...

Looks like a great time!!