Thursday, July 23, 2009

What have we been up to?

This week has been another busy one. My mom took off a good portion of the week so we spent alot of much needed time with Mimi. It was nice just calling her whenever I wanted to ask her how to cook something or chat about our upcoming family wedding. We've chatted, swam, and started a very cool project in Ayla's room.

Leah checking out the fun

Picnic and swiming with Mimi, Aunt Sarah, & Parker... Leah's eye view

Ayla and Parker, my nephew "jumping" off the steps

Much of the week has been spent preparing for my cousin Jason's wedding. I love weddings and this one is sure to a Great one! Casey (his fiance) has the best taste and I am sure no detail will be left untouched. All the Owens' have new duds and we will, no doubt, be the best looking family there. haha I won't take it back :) I even bought some rollers for Ayla's hair! I am so excited. Just a few things left to do before the big day. I am putting together an emergency kit for the bride. Jeff's shirt needs ironed like 50 times! I detest ironing. Spending time with my Aunt Kerri and lil cousins. Plus whatever the bride can throw my way.

As I said before, we started a new project. Nothing new for me. I always have some sort of project going on. But, this one is going to be magical! Can you guess what it is??

I am no where near done, but that is a little sneak peak. I said magical, and that's a little much. But, I think its definitely going to be awesome. I need to stop talking it up just in case it fails! Gulp. I should be done soon. Touching up and finishing touches.

We shall see....

Speaking of seeing... check these babies out!

My Grandma came over and brought the girls these sweet little dresses she made. Not the best picture, but they are perfectly simple and sweet. She totally made my day! Ayla immediately wanted to put it on. We tried it on over her clothes- so no fashion show today. But, I am hoping to put both the girls in them soon. I think it will work for fall with layers too! Oh man. Plus, I have plans to get them embroidered. Sigh. I love having girls.

Hope you guys are finding interesting ways to spend your days.


Brittany said...

That "a" is going to be super cool! Ok you wanna kmow how we have been spending our days... Meredith standing at the cabinet every 20 minutes screaming for "cookies mommy", while I am editing pictures. Not much time for alot of interesting things like murals on walls, swimming, or fashion shows! haha!

Jessie said...

No time for fashion shows for us either! Too much going on. Haha, Dusty wouldn't enjoy me dressing koen up anyways;) Glad you're finding ways to keep busy!

Tara said...

I must admit that when I was home from work, I would dress Jackson up in like 3 outfits a day.. just because I wanted to. If I got much past 3, he was cranky :) How fun and what adorable dresses!

Chelsa said...

your project is already looking great from what i can see! you are so darn creative that if you weren't so sweet i just wouldn't be able to be your friend ;)

the dresses are wayyy too cute!!!