Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Top Knots

Im pretty sure God made me to be the Mama to little girls.

The tutus and hair bows excite me gallor.

A pink in any shade is my friend.

And these top knots, well, they put the shama-lama in my ding-dong.

I just can't wait til this little nugget sprouts some hair for me to play with.

Until then I am enjoying her toes and rolls. So cute.

Can you believe she will be 3 mo on Wednesday? It just seems like she's so new, yet been here forever at the same time? We have our long awaited 2 mo well baby on her 3 mo birthday. Whoever planned that was a little off, but whatever. I can't wait to see how much she weighs!


Brittany said...

Ayla is a good "cheeser" in those pictures! I like the sloppy buns.

Jessie said...

Hehe, I'm also a lover of hair bows & all things girly, but Dusty would kill me if I tried it on Koen;)

Lauren said...


Tera said...

Me too!! Although, I wouldn't mind to see a little blue around this house. ;) Love me some hair bows though!!

Chelsa said...

i just cuaght up on all your posts!
i can't believe leah is 3 months old!! she is too cute!