Thursday, July 9, 2009

Trauma Drama

Seriously, the day started out without a hitch.
Happy girls.
The sun was shining.
We visited Mimi and Mamaw.
Got our bangs trimmed, pee-peed on the potty for suckers.
All was well in our world.
We had lunch with friends.
Held tiny baby Patrick.
Snapped a couple pictures.
Drank Orange Soda.
Long naps.

Up from naps...
Small crusties found on little ear.
Shear panic sets in.
Several phone calls made.
One tiny, daizy earing found (PTL).
Super fast trip across town, speeding through lights.
Mommy hyperventalating.
Multiple attempts to make tiny daizy go back.
Lovingly gave cheetos to child to console.
Another frantic drive back across town.
Baby wants to breastfeed, screaming.
Met Daddy on golf course.
Tiny daizy forced back where it should be.
Popsicle to celebrate.
All is well, again, in our world.


Abby said...

don't you love how things can change in an instant..:) hey, at least things ended fine and dandy!!! never a dull minute with princess's in the house!

Sandy said...

all in a days work! Heck I was getting a little nervous just reading it! You're a good story teller ;) Glad all is good now though

Tera said...

I agree with lack of drama when a princess is involved! ;)

Chelsa said...

you are such a good story teller! :)

glad everything ended well!

i got that dress for the wedding at walmart on clearance for $7.00!
it's really comfy! they had them in different colors (black, purple, pink, yellow, and maybe a bright blue). this was before we went on the cruise so idon't know if they still have them-- b/c you can always check the clearance rack there. the thing i love about it is, it's cute, but flowy so it doesn't hug in all the wrong places!

Leah Robinson said...

glad all is well! I was reading intensely haha!