Saturday, March 12, 2011

Life 365: 71

Today Ayla got a fever and it dampened our plans.
Not that she can control when or when she won't get a fever.
That would be cool though, right?
We were supposed to go to our cousin's 5th bday party.
I was looking forward to getting out of the house and the girls wanted to see Lauren so bad!
And, of course, we all wanted cake!

When Ayla started crying when I explained that the fever meant no party I knew I had to reconcile.
So we had our own party.
We made cupcakes and sang "happy birthday" several times.
Why do my kids like that song so much?

No diet today.
I turned left over cupcakes into cake balls.
They will kill me. And I will love it!
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Tera said...

Poor A! Braylee had a fever too, which is why she and I are home from church this morning. :( The cupcakes look yummy! I love the pics of Ayla making her bed, so cute!

Ashley said...

I would have done the same thing:) And I keep hearing about these cake balls. I have everything to make them.....BUT haven't made them yet b/c I am scared I may get addicted to them. haha

Beth said...

Pete made cakeballs out of an ugly cake while I was at work today. I keep cutting them in half so that it seems like I am not eating as many, but I secretly know I am just going to the freezer (we keep ours in there, do you?) twice as much. Oh refined carbs...
But anyway, I hope Ayla's fever is now gone and that you guys have a fantastic week!

Chelsa said...

Glad Ay is feeling better now. Boo to having to miss the party- but yay to an awesome momma who made cupcakes! YUM!