Monday, March 14, 2011

Life 365: A Day in my life

Most days start with me moving really slow. I really am not a morning person.
Don't think I ever was, but its gotten way worse since staying home with the girls everyday. I have learned tactics to keep my tush in bed as long as humanly possible.
8am Stretch, make milk cups, open all the blinds in main areas of house
Get kiddos out of bed... (here it goes)
830am Clean kitchen, make breakfast, read Bible, clean kitchen again
930am Relax with girls, check email
10am girl's baths and get dressed
(this does not mean I get a shower or get dressed)
11am by this time laundry is going, floors may/may not be swept, beds are made
12pm lunch, clean kitchen for 3rd time
Am I dressed yet? Hope so. Doubt it.
1pm Craft time... playdough, paint, color, draw, letters, whatever it keeps them occupied and I get to sit down for a couple minutes or get dressed while they are busy!
2pm Books & Nap
(this is where I either get really lazy or really motivated... I either clean, work on choreography, blog, or veg on couch. it could go any way)
4pm Did I lay anything out for dinner. Hope so. Doubt it. Snacks.
530pm Dinner. Jeff home.
Our weeks are crazy. If its dance season I am gone alot of weeknights. Every wednesday at dance studio, Tues @ zumba. Then all the sudden Friday hits and I never knew what hit me.
But its all worth the craziness for these faces...

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Chelsa said...

i love hearing about your day :)
if i were home i don't think i'd ever get out of my pj's unless i had to go somewhere! besides being w/ the boys that is why i love wednesday's so much- pj day! lol!

and those faces (of your girls) truely are PRECIOUS!