Sunday, March 13, 2011

Life 365: BAB

Today we went to meet up with Lauren for her birthday since we didn't get to go to the party yesterday.
We went to Bloomington and did Build-a-Bear.
This was the first time we let the girls do it. I, honestly, wasn't sure if we'd do it or not.

But, I think they like them a little! :)
(PS I was a dope and forgot my camera in the
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Jessie said...

cute picture of the girls :) glad they got to visit with their cous finally. we haven't done build a bear yet....i think i'll postpone that one as long as possible! lol. oh and yes I do believe that suit came from your girlies :)

Chelsa said...

We did build a bear once when B was 2 or 3? with his cousins. He loved it. That place is outrageous though, once might just be enough! haha!

Your girls and their new friends are PRECIOUS!