Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Life 365: Accidents Happen

Accidents happen, right? And we as parents are supposed to handle them in a particular way.
Today this little stinker decided to jump off the couch (I am assuming bc I was upstairs packing to go the the park).
I ran down to screaming and found her sitting on the ground saying "my elbow"...
she's one folks- so I thought does she really mean her elbow or shoulder?

Leah typically shakes things off, but I quickly realized something was wrong.
She couldn't/wouldn't move her arm.
She had it pulled into her body instintively.
And she was shaking from pain.

Insert sad face and a trip to the ER.
Honestly, it could have been way worse.
We got in and out within 2 hrs.
I did have to hold her down for Xrays and damaged me.
Hence the popsicle pic. I felt SO bad.

Sorry for the photo quality (cellphones).
Anyways, long story short... dislocated, popped back in place, 2 mins later she was smiling and using it!
*sigh. Im ready for vacation...
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Jen said...

Ahhhhhhh! I hate it when they get hurt! Glad she is doing better!

Tera said...

Poor little thing! Glad it was an "easy" fix.

Brookeanne said...

Awww... precious baby! Glad she's feeling better!

Chelsa said...

She's so cute in her little hospital gown!

Tara said...

what an ordeal! Glad she is better!