Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Life 365: Last Horrah....

I have a sick obsession with anything sweet or full of yeast.
I am a carb addict.
Recently, I went on a low carb diet (after admitting my weakness) and dropped some much needed pounds.
I, then, spiralled into a bit of life occurrances that led me to my loves.

Darn you.
Its a love-hate relationship.

3 wks later all my progress was gone, but life goes on.
And so does the dieting, I suppose.

I had a couple left over oreo truffle/cake balls from Jen's baby shower in my fridge.
I couldn't handle throwing them out and I definitely didn't feel like sharing.
So they were my Last Horrah... for at least a couple days :)
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Leah Robinson said...

I've been working with an amazing dr about my "eating issues" and one of the things we're working on is that there is no such thing as a "good food" or "bad food". Never eliminate one food! If you struggle with one type, then eat it in moderation....I have to admit it's helped me A LOT!!

Jen said...

I agree with Leah...there is always room for cake balls, even if it is just one as a reward for doing so good! look great anyway, and I will join you on the diet after baby is born!

Rachel & Brandyn Mohr said...

Oh my gosh Courtney, I ate then all the next day. hahaha I am so bad!! ;)

Tasha said...

2 reasons I love oreo balls. First, they taste like something from a fancy smancy bakery. Second, they are too easy to whip up that you can't not make them and eat the whole batch!!!!