Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Life 365: Leah Hope 23 mo

You are serious?
She is almost 2?


My tiny dancer is full of life.

The other night she was doing "interpretive dancing" in our sunroom

We love watching her grow.
She has the funniest personality. I know she'll be our sneaky, silly child even as she gets older.

Right now Leah Hope:
Loves: dancing, fruit, climbing, playing outside
tutus, Barbie dolls, playdough, singing songs
Learning: knows most shapes, working on colors most things are "pink", can spell her name sometimes when asked, trying to recognize letters with Ayla

Life: eats really well, napping 1x day for 2 hrs
very busy, happy girl

Body: wears 2t clothes, size 4 diapers, size 7 shoes

Reality: Mommy is kinda sad about this.
This was Ayla's age when I had her sister. I feel like she is missing out on that.
Though I am confident we'll have another child in God's timing.

This month is busy as we are going on a long family vacation very soon. We'll be flying to fla with Jeff's parents for an entire week. Im a little anxious about it all. But very excited to get out and enjoy some much needed sunshine and family time. We decided to have a joint bday party for the girls this year. So I am trying to plan most of that before our trip so I am not overwhelmed. Not sure if that's working haha!

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Beth said...

She is going to be the coolest girl in school. I have to smile when I see her pictures! I think it helps that you're picking out her clothes... A Florida vacation? You are a lucky family! Have a great day!

Chelsa said...

I love Miss Leah Hope. I love hearing everything she is doing b/c it makes me think of what my A would be doing (well maybe minus the dancing- lol!).

She'll be a great big sis when the time comes since she is so fun loving!

Have fun on that awesome beach vacay :)

Leah Robinson said...

Awww so sweet! I copied this a bit for Stells ;) Such a blessing miss Leah is =)

Tasha said...

Sweet Sweet pics of your baby girl. I love that she is so into dancing. She gets that honest! :) I hope I get to have a little girl someday to share that same passion. Where did you get her little beanie with the visor? That is adorable. I think I saw A wearing one too.

Tera said...

So cute and I can't believe it's been almost 2 years too! Love her outfit.

Ashley said...

She is such a cutie!!! Have fun on your trip....Florida is always a good pick!!! Especially Disney....don't know if that is where you are going?! Love that place!!!!