Monday, March 21, 2011

Life 365: Mean Machine

My stinkin' dryer went out in the midst of packing for our vacation.
I always dreamed of the day Id get a new set wheeled into my laundry room.
I was just hoping it wouldn't be so soon.
I will tell you we are so blessed though. In the 6 yrs we have been married we have never had to buy a new set. Every home we've bought a home they have been set.
So here is my new babies...
Now if they laundry would just do itself. :)
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Chelsa said...

perty perty!!! i truely love my front loaders and i notice a huge difference in the water bill too!

Andrew said...
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Tasha said...

Sorry about the confusion...I accidentally commented under Andrew, then I fixed it.
Very Nice Lady! I am going to try my best to not be jealous of the mean machines and the fact that you are packing for vaca! :)