Friday, March 18, 2011

Life 365: 77 Exploring

Spring has sprung.
And so has our adventures outside.

With both Mommy & Daddy feeling a little 'under the weather' we still can't stay indoors all day.
(Jeff is home sick- boo)

We love to crawl around, collect rocks, and get our knees dirty....

We were hoping to find our chipmunk friend that usually resides under our porch every spring.
He probably heard Leah is no longer a baby and bolted. hehe

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Chelsa said...

cute pictures!!

Jessie said...

Love these pics! And the teacher in me loves the science lessons they were learning :)

Tasha said...

L likes exploring. I love it! Did she get a haircut?

Sonya said...

Very cute pictures! Hope you and Jeff are feeling better.