Friday, March 18, 2011

Life 365: Finally Spring!

Thursday, was gorg.
So perfect for playing at the park. No jackets needed!

With allergy season in full "bloom" the girls get a little grump.
Who wouldn't be grump if your nose ran all.the.time?

We had a fab time regardless!

PS. My youngest loves the biggest tallest slide everywhere we go.
PSS. She also refuses to let me help her up or down, but I am required to watch & clap.
Go figure.
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Chelsa said...

what a brave girl!!

Brookeanne said...

Super cute! Aren't you loving these slightly overcast days for pictures, but still warm enough to let the kids play? Claire is with the girls regarding the runny nose :(, so ready for that to be over. I carry a full box of Kleenex's for both of us in my stroller... blaaahhh. By the way... I want your kids clothes, lol! I love that dress Leah is wearing... do I remember Ayla wearing it at some point? TOTALLY ADORABLE!!!