Thursday, August 20, 2009

Baby got a brand new bag..

Well, it not a bag and its not new persa. We brought out Ayla's old exersaucer. I remember how much Ayla loved it. I got it for her for a great price at a yard sale on her 4 mo birthday. Now her sister is in it and lovin' it! Ayla likes having something new in the house and showing her sis all the cool features. Leah very much likes to play and be social. Though she is showing us a bit of her fear of new faces. Eek. Hopefully, we'll grow out of that. Ayla is our shy girl! Hopefully, we won't have two of them....

This is Ayla her first time trying it out.... What do you think? Does Leah look like Ayla?


Brookeanne said...

That is too funny! I just bought one of those an hour ago from a woman on Craigslist and was going to post a pic online of Claire in it! Of course, Claire can't touch the floor in hers, but she loves reaching for the stuff :).

I would LOVE to trade bows, but I am a novice and I doubt it would be fair to you if we traded, since you sound like you've already got the hang of it all :)! I did make a CUTE corkscrew bow for the girls that I'm in love with and am excited to experiment with more of that kind of thing. Either way, it would be fun to go shopping for materials and we can talk about exchanging ribbon, etc. so we don't end up with a BA-zillion (as Kevin likes to say), of the same type of bow. If you do decide you like the bows I make, I am OF COURSE, am happy to trade ;)!

Betz Family said...

I have never commented but I LOVE keeping up with your family-your are so talented at blogging! I had to comment on this exersaucer-Cohen has the same one-sort of. I bought this at a yard sale too, then thought I would be genius and sterlize all the removeable parts by boiling them! What an idiot they all melted of course so now he has this exersaucer but it has different toys-so happy they make those too by the way. Just thought that would be funny to you!