Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Toe-tally Awesome

Guess who found their toes yesterday? No, I know where my toes are. Though if I don't start exercising more I may not be able to see them again!

As I was saying... Guess who found their toes yesterday?

Miss Leah, of course.

(This is one of my fave milestones bc I l.o.v.e. baby feet!)

We are so proud of her. She's so cute and lovey. It seems like she is hitting milestones all over the place. :) Other things this little one is wow-ing us with lately:

Her skills in the exersaucer. She has been in it once a day (roughly) for about a week. But now can move herself around with her toes in a circle to examine all her toys. She loves being upright and checking out the scene.

When placed on her belly she pushes up High as if she wants to crawl. She is showing us signs of it by scooting herself backward and in circles on her belly. I have never seen this before. She turns in circles to hear the commotion. So cute.

This little one will be moving up to size 2 diapers today. Once Mommy gets time to go to the store. She also is stretching out most of her 3 mo size clothes. I was expecting these to last the rest of summer, but its not looking this way. I have a huge list of clothing needs to be met for our whole family!

Any way you put it, I am toe-tally infacutuated with my little ladybug. She is so smart and fits in so nicely with our family. The first thing Ayla asks for in the am is "Where's Leah" and she is the last one she kisses goodnight before bed. It is by no means perfect around our house. There are trantrums & time outs, there is cuddle time, learning time, & elmo time. My dishes are not always done and I hate to iron. But, we got alot of love around here....


Brookeanne said...

Awwww, so sweet! What a precious baby! :) Btw, how goes the nursing situation?

Brittany said...

I like that first toe pic! Love that Leah's face is all fuzzy and just the foot is in focus.

Jenelle said...

Cute pics! Love how you can take time everyday & be thankful & enjoy your girls! I need to slow down & do that too!

Jennifer said...

So Sweet! All of my boys were crawling at 5 months...she just may be ready!

Jennifer said...
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