Monday, August 3, 2009

Feeling Fatigued

Saturday at midnight, so technically Sunday our power suddenly went out. It was raining out, but nothing unusually stormy. You ask why our power going out would have woke me and my new one up....

Well, we are modern girls living in a modern world.

We rely on our air conditioning, fan, & sound machine to help lull us to sleep. Not to mention two night lights present so that I can nurse Leah without fail and go potty at night without stubbing my toe. Plus, Ayla's baby monitor aka my security blanket.

It began getting hot. And quiet. And dark.

Really hot, super quiet, and too dark!

Leah and I did not sleep well at all. I couldn't see the hand in front of my face; let alone check on her in her bassinet. She wanted to nurse every 2.5 hours! WHAT. Sometime early in the morning, Ayla was awakened by surely the too hot, too quiet and much to dark house. She began to cry. Jeff found her red eyed and sad around 6 am when he got up for church. Poor chick. Our power was still out! He threw her in bed with me and Leah. She laid there content until the power clicked back on around 7:35 am. All three of us sighed and started to drift back to sleep as the room quickly cooled off.....


7:50 am alarm goes off for church- snooze
7:55 Jeff calls from church making sure we were "awake"

Luckily, we made it out the door on time... dressed, pressed, but with sleep in our eyes. It has taken 24hrs for me to feel normal. Ayla made a sock baby Moses in church. Leah is definitely teething. Boo. Goodbye Weekend, Hello Monday.


Sandy said...

somehow our power didn't go off thank goodness. I'm not a happy camper when the power goes off. Grumpy Sandy that's for sure! I can only imagine how you were and then nursing 2.5 hrs...Leah wanted some mommy time! :) Hope your Monday goes a little "cooler" ;) Oh and the jumberoo....AWESOME investment!

Brittany said...

I am just tired reading about it! haha! The weekend went WAY too fast :(

Chelsa said...

i think the weekends always go too fast!!

i can't sleep if it's hot in the house either! boo to no air!