Friday, August 28, 2009

Got you!

I guess I got you guys. Jeff saw me putting my last post together last night and laughed. He even commented "you know people won't even read it they will think you're pregnant!" HA

And he was right.

Shock me.

Nah. I knew you'd all jump. But I got your attention, huh? Regardless, I would be a crazy mama if I were preg right now. Though things would work out and be grand in the end. If we're being honest here, and I am.... I have taken at least one pregnancy test since having Leah. (Reminder: she is only 4 1/2 mo) Phew. The joys of motherhood.

Hope everyone is enjoying the start to their weekend. We're having a low key weekend here at home. Cleaning, planning, packing, and exercising are all on the list for me. Even contemplating starting Miss L on solids? We started Ayla at 4 mo even and Leah is approaching 5 mo soon.... she seems to want to interact at the dinner table BAD.

I'll keep ya posted...


Jessie said...

Oh Courtney, what would we do without your attention grabbing titles?! You keep us bloggers on our toes;) Congrats on not being's kind of a scary thought, huh?

Jamie said...

Well...Josie was only 8 1/2 months when I got pregnant with Jax, so you don't need to wait much longer! Just kidding...enjoy that sweet time with your two beautiful little girls! :)

Brookeanne said...

Lol, I've taken two ;). K loves getting out for preschool. We do learning time thhree days a week, but preschool gives him the opportunity to play on the playground w/ kids his own age for a longer time... something I can't really do now that I have Claire :). Plus, I've done the 2 small kids close in age (and loved it), but I'm enjoying experiencing one tiny one again for a while each day :)

Chelsa said...

i was catching up on my blogs and i started at the top, so i didn't have the "oh my" reaction, but i would be happy for you, not shocked if you were pregnant :) although, i'd have to say, my body is feeling the aches and pains much sooner this time, and i'm quite sure it's b/c it didn't have much time to recoop!