Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cosby Family Picnic

What a beautiful day for a picnic. My granda Cosby had an awesome idea to get everyone together for a picnic to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. The weather was perfect and a good amount of people were able to show. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of everyone. But, we had tons of fun watching the kiddos play and ate some Awesome food!!

I defintely tried to get some pics of the kids. Tried is the key word. The sun was too high or too much shade, but they are precious anyways :) Of course, nothing like what my friend Britt would have done! ha Taking pictures of toddlers and babies and thinking of lighting, etc is Not easy!

Happy 54th Anniversary Grandma & Grandpa! Here's to many, many more! :)

Notice the serious drool issue. Today was Leah's first dose of Ibuprophen. Guhhhh. Poor baby. Ayla got her first tooth at 4 1/2 mo. Leah is approaching the 4 mo mark now. Here we go...

Ayla's first train ride. Somehow she talked my Gma into going with her, which made me laugh so hard. Mommy used to ride that train!!

Parker and Ayla... oooooooh. Somehow my voice becomes null he's around. She doesn't care.about.anything.i.say. So, we had a time out. This straightened it out and then she was good. Aren't they cute? I think that is what is going to be the issue.

My biggest. Man, is she cute! ha She really wanted to wear her boots. You all can hear more about that later.....


Jessie said...

Looks like a great picnic. I think you're pics look great...Brit would be proud;)

Chelsa said...

great pictures! and adorable kiddos :) leah is getting big!