Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Updates on Us.

A few have asked how things were going... so I thought I would oblige. There are alot of things going on around here. I think maybe you all may be able to help too?

Nursing. Its going. Haven't given up, and think its getting better. I started taking Fenugreek herbal supplements daily. Makes me burp, but I think it is helping a little. No over abundance by any means, but its getting me over this hump. Leah is very attached to Mommy and nurses well. I love that. But, she would love to spend her day there if Id let her. That's a little harder. With a toddler running amuck and trying to keep up it doesn't fit. Leah and I are still chugging a way at it though. No plans for stopping anytime soon. Still plan to put her on a weaning schedule sometime to where she nurses half of the day and bottle other half. However, Im not in any hurry and neither is she. Thank you guys again for all your love and support!

House Projects. We are always in never-ending house projects. You all know its a theme around here. Though things are getting crossed off the list recently. That big hump of dirt I have foundly referred to is gone! PTL! Someone from Jeff's work graciously came by and just did it. And like that it was gone by the time naptime was over. I didn't even realize it was happening. Sorry Tera! You also saw my laundry room reveal. Feels good to have that done. The next BIG thing is painting the brick on our house. We started this last fall folks. Yep. Procrastination at its best. Id say being pregnant and needing to get the inside done had something to do with it. But, its looming over my head and I cringe everyday I see it. I think its laughing at me. Its a big job. I bit the bullet and had it quoted to be painted for us-- gulp. Definitely not in the budget. Since Im not pregnant I don't have any excuses not to help. So Jeff and myself will be tackling that soon. sigh. Know any cheap painters send them my way.

Vehicular Debate. We are in need of a bigger vehicle. Let me rephrase. We are in want of a bigger vehicle. I heart my Nissan. Its awesome. Always wanted one. BUT with two carseats and toys and cups and strollers and my dance gear and this and that. Its stressing me out. I need a bigger vehicle for my sanity. One that I can get in back to buckle the girls up, hand them toys, drive more passengers than just my crew, etc. We are on the hunt. Have been for a long while. We'd like to find one before we take our road trip to Nashville over labor day weekend. Know anyone who sells cars or is selling theirs or would be interested in my soccer mom vehicle. Let me know.

Dance. Most of you know I coach a dance team for our high school. This is a year round project for me. Very little time off and even smaller payment. But, I do it for the girls. I love dance & I love sharing that with the girls. Its a great place for me to mentor. Even better place for me to go and act a fool. These girls Always make me laugh. Right now I am eveloped in choreography, trying to find the right music, picking the right girls for my team, planning competition dates, setting up practices, etc. Its definitely fun for me, but I take it seriously. My job is coaching the competition team so we travel alot of weekends throughout the winter. Our team primarily competes in hip hop, but I help girls with solos and ensembles which often includes contempory dance. A few years ago God laid it on my heart to use my passion for dance as a worship for Him. Since then I have choreographed for a couple different churches in the community. Most of the time using my girls from my team. I have done lyrical dances and mime acts to praise music. Very powerful. I am a visual person. Id love to branch out and do more so if you ever hear of a need for a service, children's program, etc Let me know, I always try to fit it into my dance schedule if possible.

Travel. You've probably noticed I've mentioned a trip to Nashville coming up soon. I am really excited. My hubster is turning 30 on labor day. So wanted to take a trip and figured why not take the girls? We're just doing a long weekend in Nashville, TN- zoo, shop, eat, swim, site see... whatever. Super excited about getting out of Wash for awhile. Trying to get used to traveling with two kiddos. Have major plans for a big vaca in the winter, too. Hopefully that will play out!

Enough about me..... what are you up to?


Chelsa said...

awesome to hear such an update on you!!

Tera said...

All of the dance stuff wears me out just thinking about it! :) Lots of planning for you to do. Hope you have fun in Nashville. My youngest sister used to live there and her modeling agency is there, so if you have questions about restaurants or anything, let me know.
As for B's PS...she's going to WC. I think I would have liked Cornerstone better, but I just couldn't part with my baby 5 days/wk already! I'll let you know how it goes.